Israel Delegitimization and Unilateral Declaration of a Palestinian State

Since defamatory criticism of Israel and activism of anti-Israel forces in campuses is increasing, the JCRC will be part of an education campaign aimed at the Jewish community and the non-Jewish community alike. A series of five session courses produced by the company Jerusalem on Line will be shown in different campuses, synagogues, churches, Federation events and other forums. The course is based on videos which will serve as basis for discussions to be followed under the direction of an instructor.

The goal of these series of videos and discussions is to educate people about Israel’s achievements, its legitimacy and current challenges in the Middle East. Likewise, the JCRC is developing relations with the Evangelical Christian community. That community is actively pro-Israel. It is expected that through relations with Evangelicals, a pro-Israel message will be heard not only in our local community but also beyond our borders since many of these evangelical leaders have connections world-wide. A luncheon with Evangelicals and Jews took place in Boynton Beach early in August and more activities are expected.

At the end of August, JCRC will join other south Florida JCRC’s in a summit with Evangelicals in support of Israel. JCRC will arrange advocacy activities in Evangelical Churches.

JCRC is working very actively with Evangelicals not only at the local level but also at the national level in an effort to achieve world results. Currently JCRC is working local Evangelicals, B’nai Brith and with the Evangelical-based International Israel Allies. Particular emphasis is being placed on the United Nations General Assembly that will take place in September.

The Palestinian Authority and its allies are seeking to secure a vote in the United Nations General Assembly in support of a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state. What this Palestinian effort will seek to accomplish is to have the UN General Assembly pass a resolution which endorses the Palestinian position by declaring the 1967 borders of the new state without swaps and endorsing the so-called “right of return.” The purpose of such action is to generate undue pressure on her rather than conducting direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. Likewise, the JCRC is approaching foreign consulates in Florida precisely to press different countries to vote against the resolution.

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