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Aliyah from France at all-time high, Federation and partners provide safe path to Israel


As anti-Semitism rages across Europe, a surge of Jews living in hotbeds of violence and danger are choosing to make Israel their new home.

Federation’s global partner The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) announced that global Aliyah (immigration to Israel from around the world) is up 55%. That is due largely to an estimated 7,000 people from France making Aliyah by the end of 2014 – an all-time record and more than 1% of the 500,000-person French Jewish community.

Never before has such a large proportion of a Western Jewish community made Aliyah in a single year. The dramatic increase comes amid increased violence against Jews in France, notably massacres at Charlie Hebdo magazine and a kosher store in Paris.


Through generosity of donors to Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County, JAFI brings Jews out of harm’s way and safely to Israel. Once they arrive, JAFI provides them with housing and job resources that allow them to build a new life in the Jewish homeland.

"Never in the history of the State of Israel has there been a Jewish community in the free world that has sent such a large proportion of its Jews to Israel,” said JAFI’s Natan Sharansky. “The fact that Israel has become the number one destination for young French Jews is a testament to our success in connecting them to the Jewish state."

Together, we help all Jews who seek a better, more secure future in the State of Israel.

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