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Jewish Federation on UNESCO Resolution


Today, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) adopted a resolution that aims to change the status quo of the Temple Mount and declare the Western Wall a part of the al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

Jewish Federations are bitterly disappointed that UNESCO would seek to fan the flames of religious and cultural conflict.

The resolution is an affront to the Jewish people and our over two-millennium connection to the Western Wall and the Temple it once supported. By acknowledging the holy sites both on and around the Temple Mount solely by their Arabic names, this resolution seeks to invalidate any claim the Jewish people have to our holiest site.

The proposal intentionally ignores any Jewish association with the Wall, one that clearly dates to ancient times.

We urge the United Nations to consider the damaging effects this anti-Israel attack will have on Israel and the entire Middle East, and to condemn it in absolute terms.

The UNESCO resolution demonstrates further steps to delegitimize Israel. The Palestinians have either rejected proposals or avoided meaningful compromises and negotiations in the last two decades. Instead, they have placed efforts and energy to become part of the United Nations and its institutions in order to continue the public relations war against Israel and to avoid peace. We hold those countries, including Brazil and Mexico, who voted for this resolution responsible for further exacerbating the conflict.

JCRC continues to meet with and send communications to foreign ambassadors and consuls, advising them to reject ongoing United Nation’s anti-Israel resolutions that seek to erase Judaism's historic connection to the land and holy sites of Israel.

The Jewish Community Relations Council of the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County urges the United Nations to discontinue its consistent practice of adopting resolutions that heighten tensions in Israel and the surrounding region, and serve to delegitimize Israel among the international community.

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