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JPN professionals ensure humanitarian aid in Israel


[from L to R] Craig Storch, Israeli Emissary Shani Boneh, Robert Pick, Israeli Emissary Nir Boneh, Eileen Fass, Brett Sandala and Scott Newman

Thousands of rockets rained down on Israel over the summer. In response, professionals with Federation’s Jewish Professionals Network (JPN) saw their standing with Israel as a responsibility – and took action.

Nearly 50 professionals from JPN came together to stand for Israel on August 25 at Nick & Johnnie’s (Palm Beach). Together, they expressed their solidarity for Israel and heard reflections on the conflict from Federation’s Shlichim (Israeli Emissaries), who had just returned from seeing firsthand how the constant rocket-fire in Israel affected everyday life.

“The scariest part about the rockets was the silence after the warning sirens,” said Israeli Emissary Nir Boneh. “You know after an alarm that you’re going to hear an explosion. It can be either the Iron Dome intercepting the rocket or the rocket falling nearby. All you can do is hope and pray that it will land far away.”

JPN participants also ensured humanitarian aid in Israel through donations to Federation’s Israel Emergency Fund. 100% of contributions to the fund go towards life-changing services in Israel.

Overall, more than 100 JPN participants raised nearly $72,000 toward the Israel Emergency Fund.

“This event was truly amazing,” said Israeli Emissary Shani Boneh. “It showed that all of us, all the Jewish people, are a big family. For the Israeli people, it warms our heart that we are all united.”

JPN’s additions to the Israel Emergency Fund brought the total raised for the effort to more than $600,000.

Through the Israel Emergency Fund ensured respite opportunities for 80,000 children living in range of Hamas’ rocket-fire, relief for 20,000 frail elderly and disabled, and trauma care for 15,000 Israelis psychologically affected by the conflict.

Chairs for the JPN event were committee members Eileen Fass, Robert Pick, Brett Sandala and Craig Storch.

Part of JPN’s mission is to fulfill Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County’s work to enrich Jewish life, care for vulnerable populations and build global Jewish community.

To learn more about JPN programs and events, contact Sarah Rogers at 561.242.6633 or email.

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