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Meet the Six Israeli Teens Visiting the Palm Beaches


Six Israeli teens were recently in our community to connect us with our global family during IsraelDays, a significant stretch of days for the Jewish people.

The six teens are from our community’s Partnership2Gether region of TZAHAR (consisting of the cities Tzfat, Hazor HaGlilit and Rosh Pina). As part of the Mifgash Zikaron delegation, they paid tribute to fallen Israeli soldiers and victims of terror through powerful performances of song, dance and reading at Federation’s Yom Ha'Zikaron ceremony, Annual Meeting and Yom Ha’Atzmaut celebration.

Get to know the Israeli teens:

Eliza Clara Altabef, 16, Rosh Pina

Eliza Altabef

“My expectations are to be an ambassador for the State of Israel and to share the fact that Israel, as seen from here, is not what you see on the news there. Personally, I think I can be a bridge between the two communities as I have experienced both sides. On the personal level, my expectation is to get to know new people and to develop and learn.”

Ilay Viszalts, 16, Tzfat

Ilay Viszaltz

“I want to represent Tzfat and my country as well as possible through my personal talent. My personal expectation is to learn about world Jewry, about myself and to become stronger.”

Oshri Cohen, 16, Tzfat

Oshri Cohen

“My expectations are to communicate the message of the importance of Yom HaZikaron, and to learn about Judaism and the community overseas, to communicate the message of one big family that we are all equally part of.”

Yuval Biton, 16, Rosh Pina

Yuval Biton

“Judaism symbolizes unity, family comradeship, integrity and a unifying force and attachment between people. I am very connected to Yom HaZikaron; my uncle – my father’s brother – was killed in a training accident during his military service. Yom HaZikaron unites my family and we spend it together and talk about my uncle. I want to communicate the message that thanks to world Jewry and Israel together the State of Israel exists and there is a future for Jewish people. At a personal level I want to take part in a group, a new family and through this program connect more to the place where I live."

Yasmin Gutman, 16, Hazor HaGlilit

Yasmin Gutman

“I feel that Judaism connects between people and it is a matter of a conscious choice. I am very much looking forward to getting to know new people and taking part in something big.”

Yael Alon, 16, Hazor HaGlilit

Yael Alon

“For me, Judaism is not only synagogue or prayers but the way in which a person relates to their heritage. [While in the Palm Beaches,] I want to get to know other, new aspects of my personality and join a wider family.”

Click here to register for the events of IsraelDays.

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