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Skype Meeting Between Meyer Academy Students and Students in Israel

By Maya Scwartz, Hebrew/Judaic Studies Principal

Students at the Arthur I. Meyer Jewish Academy are exposed to high-tech experiences all year long, but 4th and 5th grade students recently had a unique class experience to wrap up a year-long educational project.

In May, Meyer Academy students had a Skype video meeting with our Partnership 2Gether (P2G) classes at the Wilkomitz School in Rosh Pina, Israel.

For the culminating activity of this lesson, each grade gathered in the classroom in front of the “Smart Board.” After I welcomed all the students and teachers in West Palm Beach and Israel, I shared the importance of this partnership. Then at 8:30 a.m. (3:30 p.m. Israel-time), the Skype session began and we were able to see our twin class from the Wilkomitz School. The students communicated in Hebrew, greeting each other, singing songs and sharing learning materials.

Here are some of the reflections from our students about this activity:

Olivia Franks said, “ It was so cool because we got to talk with them and learn new things.”

”My favorite part was when they waved and said their names and hello to me,” said Alex Schneider.

Mya Bodnick shared, “I can’t wait to see them in person when I will be in 8th grade."

“I felt happy,” said Casey Siner. “I also felt strange, because it was a video conferencing with people on the other side of the world.”

Ryan Hauser related, "I thought that the drums they played were interesting. They were amazing musicians.”

“I was super excited when we first saw their class,” said Michael Pincus. “All the boys and girls looked very friendly.”

Jordyn Bergman stated, “They said 'hi' to each of us personally. It was very nice of them that they stayed after school...”

We had a wonderful school year with the Wilkomitz School in our partnered Tzahar Region. Seeing the students on Skype definitely enhanced the feeling of global learning. We are thankful to the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County for its financial and educational support of the P2G program, which makes global learning experiences like this one possible.

You can see more photos of the Skype sessions on the Meyer Academy Facebook page.

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