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Friedman CJE's YAD Program Delivers Pride and Self-Assurance


After 10 years of study with the Lorraine & Jack N. Friedman Commission for Jewish Education's J.N. Somers YAD Hebrew School for Children With Special Needs, Josh Sandquist, son of Emily Sandquist and Peter Sandquist, will have a double Bar Mitzvah with his younger brother, Eli, in September 2013.

What makes this remarkable is that Josh is a child with Down’s syndrome whose Jewish and Hebrew education have been provided by YAD in an environment created especially for children whose needs are not met in a traditional synagogue religious-school classroom.

Josh's older sister, Grace, is a YAD graduate who entered YAD's weekly Sunday-school program when it was founded in September 2001. She shared a double Bar-Bat Mitzvah with her younger brother, Jack, in 2006 and now occasionally goes to YAD as a classroom helper.

YAD Board Member Emily Sandquist credits YAD with giving her daughter and son "a sense of belonging." She adds, "YAD is doing tremendous work. It has been the perfect solution for my children to learn about their heritage and traditions in a place where they feel at home.”

The Lorraine & Jack N. Friedman Commission for Jewish Education is a partner agency of the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County

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