Women's Philanthropy

Women's Philanthropy

Join the hundreds of committed women in Palm Beach County who make Jewish philanthropy their passion and their mission. Every woman's gift is personal and every gift makes a big difference in the lives of people that we may never meet. You, too, can make an impact by making your personal statement and joining one of the following giving levels:

Giving Levels

Federation’s Women’s Philanthropy is representative of women’s larger role in philanthropic initiatives, recognizing the fact that women’s giving is defined by distinctive characteristics and offers many different ways women can fulfill their philanthropic interests in educational and engaging ways. For years, Jewish women from across the globe have furthered their dedication to strengthen Jewish life through levels of giving. This is a wonderful opportunity to express your dedication to our community here in the greater Palm Beaches, Israel and around the world.

Women’s Philanthropy recognizes different giving levels with beautiful pins, signifying a woman's commitment to help sustain our vibrant Jewish community that is proud of its religious and historical heritage, and puts Jewish values into action. It shows the power of what we do … women helping to heal and care for others.


Jewish Heart ($365-$999)

The Jewish Heart pin demonstrates a women’s commitment to the preservation and growth of our Jewish community. Show your pride by wearing a Jewish Heart pin, recognizing all women who make a personal pledge of at least $365 or one dollar a day. This pin artistically weaves a silver heart with the Star of David.


Morasha ($1,000-$1,799)

The Morasha, Hebrew for heritage, is a symbol of a women’s commitment to tradition. This pin is a magnificent, handcrafted sterling silver and gold rendering of the Jerusalem skyline. Increases to this giving level are recognized with the addition of diamonds to the pin.


Pomegeranate ($1,800-$2,499)

The Pomegranate’s symbolism can be traced back to the Bible, in which the fruit is said to contain 613 seeds, one for each of the mitzvot noted in the Torah. Increases to this giving level are recognized with the addition of rubies to the sterling silver pin.


Shomer ($2,500-$5,999)

The Shomer, Hebrew for guardian, is a stunning, crown-shaped, 14-karat gold piece of jewelry. This pin symbolizes a women’s commitment to protect the Jewish people, her family, her community and her world. Increases to this giving level are recognized with the addition of semi-precious stones to the crown.

Women's Legacy Society

A legacy handed down from one generation to the next is permanent. Women in the greater Palm Beaches can create a legacy of giving, demonstrating the long-lasting power of their gift and serving as a catalyst to enhance family philanthropy. An endowment of $10,000 or more will ensure the vibrancy of our local and global Jewish community for future generations.

Lion of Judah


Lion of Judah ($6,000 or more)

The Lion of Judah program has brought together 17,000 women of various ages and backgrounds to play an essential role in creating social justice, healing the sick, feeding the hungry, preserving human dignity and building Jewish identity. The 14-karat gold diamond-inset Lion of Judah has become recognized throughout the world as a symbol of Jewish women’s philanthropy. Increases to this giving level are recognized with the addition of precious stones to the pin.

Leading the community is the white gold Prime Minister Lion of Judah pin which recognizes a woman’s annual gift of $100,000 or more.

Lion of Judah Endowment


A Lion of Judah Endowment (LOJE) allows women the opportunity to fulfill long-term and future commitments by leaving a legacy to the Jewish community by establishing an endowment at a minimum of $120,000. A 14-karat gold flame will be added to your pin, demonstrating your commitment as a Lion of Judah Endowment philanthropist.

The Star of David Society is a nationally-recognized society that recognizes the establishment of an endowment at a minimum of $200,000. The gift is reflected in a diamond chip placed in the tip of the Lion of Judah Endowment pin’s flame.

Call (561) 242-6608 or email to learn how you can become part of a powerful network of women who have set an exemplary standard of leadership and giving.

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